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A work order can be scheduled for Employees.

Reminder that it first needs to be assigned to an employee as shown here.


SPECIAL NOTE: In order for items to print on the schedule, they must be tied to a Work Order. Items that are typed into the schedule that are not tied to a Work Order will not appear on the printed schedules.  Something that is entered on the schedule that is not tied to a Work Order is treated like a Global Note for all to see.  An example would be "Technician #1 Doctor Appointment".  This example would print on all other documents (which no one would want to occur).  So in summary, saving non job oriented notes is not user specific, it is company specific. 


SPECIAL NOTE: Please scroll to the bottom for a suggestion how to save non-job oriented notes.  It is a work around suggestion that others have used.


Simply go to the Work Order Scheduling Tab as shown below and select a time window by double clicking on an area as shown below.


Upon double clicking in the section of the calendar that you wish to schedule the employee, a window will appear as shown below.


Upon saving the item the calendar will look similar to the following below.


Saving Non-Job Oriented Notes Suggestion: A work around is to add your own company name as a customer then create a Job for yourself called "Notes" or "Meetings" then add work orders under that job for the certain employee or all employees so a work order will be printed (i.e. Doctor's Appointments, Days Off, etc.).  Reminder, generic notes are not printed on the schedule, while job specific notes are.  This suggestion is for when there is a desire to print non-job specific notes on the schedule.