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Use work orders to deploy work to your employees or subcontractors. This helps you track job progress which is separate from tracking open estimates.  

Smaller contractors may use their estimates as a form of Work Order.  This means that their estimate is used as the document that they use to ensure their work gets done, and when completed, the Estimate simply becomes an Invoice.  Other contractors create separate work orders to their employees and/or subcontractors, and this is a separate document (or documents) from the original estimate. 

Work orders can be assigned, scheduled, marked as in progress or completed.

When you create a work order you assign it the person or company that will complete the tasks you added to it. Tasks can be typed in manually or imported from your "presets" estimate or from the invoice.

You can view a list of all the work orders in your company sorting them various ways.

As part of the Premium Subscription, you can manage your work orders within our Work Order Reporting feature.

Learn how to begin to create Work Orders by going here.