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Creating an Estimate, Work Order or Invoice is made easier when using Presets.

Presets are where you can store the common Tasks, Materials, Expenses and Notes you use everyday in estimates, invoices, work orders, and purchase orders.  Using Presets will increase your efficiency by allowing you to import these common items with just a click.  This eliminates the retyping of repetitive items.

Presets must first be entered into the system before they can be imported.  To learn how to set up Presets go here.

You should already be familiar with manually adding Tasks before using Presets.  To learn how to manually add Tasks go here.

Step by Step

Create a Job then go to the Work Order Tasks tab as shown below

then select Import Tasks from the following buttons

The steps for creating a work order using Imported Tasks is identical to the process for creating an estimate using Imported Tasks.  It is usual for the user to have already had exposure to creating estimates before creating work orders.  To learn how to create estimates using Imported Tasks please go here.

You will follow the same steps for creating work orders using Imported Tasks as you do creating estimates using Imported Tasks.