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Special Note: This is a Premium (Paid) Subscription feature.  For more information on the Basic (Free) Version versus Premium (Paid) Subscription features please go here.

If you do not wish to use this Premium feature, then you may desire to make use of the Work Order List as shown here.

MyOnlineToolbox assists contractors in three primary areas of running a contracting business:

  1. Pursuing all leads that can become a job
  2. Efficiently managing the work that has been approved
  3. Getting paid quickly as possible once the job is done

There are multiple ways to accomplish the second item above for efficiently managing the work that has been approved. 

Smaller contractors may use their estimates as a form of Work Order.  This means that their estimate is used as the document that they use to ensure their work gets done, and when completed, the Estimate simply becomes an Invoice.  If so, then the Work Order Tracking Report is not required.  Instead of the Work Order Tracking Report, you may just want to use the Tracking Open Jobs report that is part of the Money Tracking section.  This too is a Premium (Paid) subscription feature.

Other contractors create separate work orders to their employees and/or subcontractors, and this is a separate document (or documents) from the original estimate.  These work orders can be assigned, scheduled and accepted.  Unlike the Tracking Open Jobs report that tracks open estimates from a financial perspective, the Work Order Tracking simply ensures work is moved through various stages to completion.  This combined with the Tracking Open Jobs report is perfect for both ensuring all the work was done as well as invoiced.