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Tasks are deleted from within the row of the list they are in. It is important to note the if the task you wish to delete has been shared to or from another member contractor using our "Click To Share" technology it CANNOT be deleted.

Step by Step

Tasks can be deleted from an estimate, RFQ, work order, invoice or preset items. Deletion of a task is done exactly the same way regardless of what type of record it is being deleted from. For this example we will demonstrate how to delete a task from an Invoice. We assume an invoice is already created, if not please go to "Create New Invoice" before proceeding.

  1. Open an existing Invoice from Job > Invoice List.
  2. Once the invoice is open click on the "Invoice Task" tab.
  3. With the Invoice Task tab open find the task you wish to delete.
  4. In the same row as the task you wish to delete, find the "Trash Can" delete icon at the far right side and click it.
  5. You will be trapped by a dialogue message box asking you if you sure you want to delete this task.
  6. Click "OK" to continue to delete this task.
  7. The screen will refresh and the deleted task is now missing. This action is not recoverable.

Quick Tips

Tasks that have been shared to or from another member contractor using our "Clcik to Share" technology CANNOT be deleted.