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The Suppliers section is a place for you to store your preferred list of suppliers you buy materials from. Adding your suppliers is easy and smart. Once you add them you can purchase materials using a "Purchase Order" that is deployed via email, fax, or direct entered into member supplier systems. Purchase orders a created from inside a Job so all materials purchased for that job are correctly related. This makes tracking job cost easy and possible without any extra steps by you.

You can easily  find your suppliers to retrieve a phone number, edit their information, or send them purchase order.

If you have an email or fax number of your supplier you can send a purchase order directly from MyOnlineToolbox with just a click. 

If you want to work with other MyOnlineToolbox member suppliers, you can search the supplier directory  by name, area or product. Then ad these suppliers to your list and you can send them purchase orders immediately.

Storing this information electronically in MyOnlineToolbox makes it easy and fast to retrieve and protects you from losing this information.

Step by Step

  1. Find "Suppliers" on the main menu navigation bar at the top of your screen and click it.
  2. The "Suppliers List" is now open.