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As your customer, contractor, or supplier contact information changes you can edit this information as needed. To edit any record information in any of the lists in MyOnlineToolbox, simply click the “Edit” icon of a yellow pencil. Saving your changes is always done by clicking the green check mark “Update” icon. It’s same for any record edit throughout all of MyOnlineToolbox where you see a list.

Step By Step

  1. Open your Customer, Supplier, or Contractor List found under the Jobs title on the Main Menu Bar.
  2. Find the record you want to edit. You can use the search feature at the top of your list to help find the correct record.
  3. Once you've found the record you need click the “Edit” icon of a yellow pencil found just to the left of the record you chose.
  4. This record is now open in an "In Line Entry" form.
  5. You can now click in any of the white tex boxes you like to make the necessary changes.
  6. When you're finished editing this line click the green check mark “Update” icon found at the left side of this row.
  7. The "In line Entry" form will close indicating this record has now been updated.

Quick Tips

Editing  contact information in a contractor, supplier, or a customer record is exactly identical no matter the record type the contact information is in. So, if you learn how to edit a contact in one record type, you can edit a contact in any record anywhere within  MyOnlineToolbox.