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You can add addresses to any record type in MyOnlineToolbox such as Customer, Jobs, Suppliers, Contractors and Employees. The process to add an address is identical no matter what type of record the address is being added to. You can optionally look to map an address, but it may or may not be accurate depending on the information you entered into the system.   MyOnlineToolbox used to provide a validation feature (discussed in the Address Overview) but the user community requested this be removed due to varying reasons why an address may not be known.  

Step by Step

Adding a new address is an identical process no matter what type of record you are adding the address to. For the purpose of this example, we will demonstrate how to add a new address to a Customer. Adding a new address to any other record type within MyOnlineToolbox will be the same.

  1. You may either be in the customer list, or possibly already inside a Job.  Simply select Add New Address
  2. A blank screen will appear similar to the following and should default to the region you are located in based on your company address. New Address Data Entry Screen 
  3. You can not leave fiellds blank or you will get an warning symbol at the end of the field like Address Empty Field Warning.  Examples from our customers to maintain data integrity when this information is not known are discussed in the Address Overview
  4. You can now enter an address and Save Address  or you can enter it and Address Add Mapping to validate accuracy before saving it.    

Quick Tips

Just close the Create New Address window if something strange occurs during the mapping service (provided currently by Google).  It is better to start again rather than trying to save bad data that will possible confuse a technician.