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Create an RFQ (“Request For Quote”) when you want a contractor to provide a price or “Bid” on work.
More than one contractor can bid on the work. To do this you will “Assign Contractors” to the RFQ. The contractors you assign are selected from your contractor list. These contractors must have a valid email address present in their record or they will not be presented for you to assign them to an RFQ. Here are the steps:

Step by Step

  1. You must first create a job and
  2. Then create a new RFQ 
  3. When you created a new RFQ as mentioned above, you would have selected a contractor in the Assigned To: field” and then have entered all the tasks.   Now all that is needed is for you to select the Click to Share Submit RFQ to contractor and the information is then transmitted electronically to the contractor that was selected.
  4. Upon selecting the above Click To Share, you will then get a notice as follows RFQ Request for Quote submitted
  5. Once submitted, when looking at the Job, the status of the RFQ will look as follows

RFQ Submitted Notifcation in Job