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Note:  This functionality is a Beta (Testing Feature) and not as complete as we desire.  Many of our customers had us shift focus towards the Website Marketing Education for more leads.  But we were able to complete a set of starting points and have it documented in order for you to make partial use of working with a subcontractor for bidding on a job with you.

When you want other contractors to give you a price on work you need them to perform or work you are pricing for an estimate to your customer, you would send a” Request for Quote” (RFQ) to that contractor. The contractor would “Bid” on the work you described in the RFQ and then return that Bid back to you for consideration. You can send the same RFQ to multiple contractors at the same time. This allows you to compare one contractor’s price to another. You can then take the average price of all and use it in an estimate to your customer or award the job via a work order to the winning bidder.

We created what we title “Click To Share” technology makes this live bidding between contractors possible. To use the RFQ feature, all contractors you intend to send an RFQ must be in your “Contractor List” and a valid email must be present within their record.  We plan on expanding the opportunity for you to also search for other MyOnlineToolbox members near you in the “Member Directory”. Using current members would add even more job efficiency should the RFQ advance to an actual job.

Because discussions often occur during the bidding process, we provide “Click To Share Communicator”. This is live instant messaging where contractors can communicate facts or questions during the bidding process. All communications are logged to this RFQ providing a historical document of the bidding process.

Step by Step

  1. Learn how to “Create New RFQ
  2. Learn how to “Send New RFQ
  3. Learn how to use the “Click To Share Communicator”

Quick Tips

Make sure you always enter a valid email address when adding your contractors to your contractor list. This will allow you to connect with them directly when working on a common job. When connected directly through our “Click To Share” technology, task, work order and job status will update automatically, communication, Invoicing, and payments are much quicker.