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Like entering a New Estimate or New Invoice, creating a New RFQ begins with the assumption that you have already created a New Job as shown below.

Enter a new job


Then you select the Request for Quote tab as shown below.

Select New RFQ Tab


Then select the New Request icon

New Request for RFQ


At this point you enter the information just like you would be starting an Estimate or Invoice and entering the Quote Information with who it will go to and a short description.

RFQ Begin with Quote Information 


Then you will prepare to enter the specific tasks (and similar materials, etc.) if required.  You start by choosing the Request for Quote Tasks tab as shown below.

Request for Quote Tasks Tab


Then enter the Request for Quote New Task button that is displayed to start entering the specific details.


Upon selecting the New Task above, you will then be able to enter Task Details just like entering New Tasks in Estimating or Invoicing.

Request for Quote RFQ New Tasks


Now you can Send the RFQ Request for Quote to the contractor.