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As part of the Basic Subscription, MyOnlineToolbox makes extensive use of "Lists".  Lists are an efficient way to display company data or records and by adding powerful search and sorting controls.  It is fast and easy to find exactly the information you're looking for in lightening speed.

For example, by presenting all your companies jobs in a list that is sorted by a status, you can get a quick overview of where your attention should be to move your company forward.

In addition to finding data efficiently some of these lists have links within the row of each give you instant access to common activities you might perform with the record you just found such as sending a document to a customer or contractor, editing an address or phone number, etc.

You may desire to try the Premium Reports if you need more advanced functionality such as Money Tracking or Work Order Tracking.


Quick Tips

  • Most list controls are indentical throughout MyOnlineToolbox regardless which type of lisyt you're viewing. Once you learn the controls in one list you'll know how to use them throughout the application.