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We currently provide a simple overview to track all purchase orders that have been issued.

Special Note: We currently do not close out purchase orders as discussed below.

First go to the Jobs tab next to My Account and select the Purchase Order List as shown below.


Upon selecting the Purchase Order List you will get a report similar to the following:


You will notice a Status of None on the right hand side.  That is not being used and is a place holder for future development.  We currently create Purchase Orders for outbound documents. We intentionally held off on any other further development in this area for a few reasons:

 - We found that most of the smaller contractors, the majority of our user base, simply were not tracking Purchase Orders

 - We were not prepared to continue with an Inventory Module, the next natural step of using Purchase Orders

 - We were not sure if we should include or exclude this inside the Basic Version

 - Users have been requesting other areas to enhance and aren't pushing for Inventory Tracking 

Please send us a Support Ticket to indicate your interest in closing out Purchase Orders so that we monitor enough requests to make the enhancement.  Thank you.