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All documents and reports can be printed on any printer in your office, home or customer. It is important for you to know that because MyOnlineToolbox is an online application, you must first install an "Active X Control" for MyOnlineToolbox to recognize and print to any local printer. This active x control must be installed on each and every computer that needs to print from MyOnlineToolbox to a local printer. You will only have to install this control once on each computer that will need to print from MyOnlineToolbox.
Also if you are visiting a customer and you use the customers computer to print from MyOnlineToolbox. You would have to install this control if you wanted to print a on the customers local printer.

Step by Step 

  1. Open any document you wish to print. (Estimate, Invoice, Work order, etc.)
  2. Click the "Print/Send" button on the "Action Tool Bar" at the top right.
  3. A print dialog box is now open.
  4. Click the large "Print" button.
  5. The follow message will appear in a yellow bar at the top of your screen: "This website wants to install the following Add-on".
  6. Click on this message anywhere in the yellow bar
  7. A drop down window will open.
  8. In this drop down widow, click on ”Install Active X Control”.
  9. Your  screen will refresh and the print window will close.
  10. Once again, click the "Print/Send" button on the "Action Tool Bar" at the top right.
  11. Again the print dialog box will open.
  12. Click the large "Print" button.
  13. You are now asked if you would like to install the control.
  14. Click "Yes"
  15. The system will now install the active x control linking your local computer to the printers in your office.
  16. When the installation is finished the typical print dialog box appear.
  17. Choose your printer and click the "Print" button.
  18. Your document will print.
  19. Your printer is now set up. You will not have to repeat this installation on this computer in the future.

Quick Tips

  • You must install and set up your printer on each and every computer in your office.