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Templates begin by first naming the template and then adding Tasks, Materials and Expenses.  For this example, we are adding a Template to the Bathroom Remodeling folder.


Then use your mouse and right click to change the title from New Template to the name you wish. For this example we title it Master Bathroom. 


Then select the New Task button from these two choice

Then you can add the details of the task you wish to save, with a default unit of measure and default price.  You can just save a task with just a description.

Once you type in the details you can then save the item by selecting the miniture disk image inside the Edit section.


In the above example, it is assumed that the Permits and Admin Fees was saved in the default Tasks folder as shown below.

You can create Preset Folders to group tasks.  If groups already exist, then you can select the Tasks folder to then select the Sub-Folder for you to create tasks within, following the same steps as above.

HINT: if you desire to create an ordering scheme, then we suggest you add leading characters starting with 01 so that you can order them.  The system works off of alphanumeric ordering so using 01,02, .... 10, 11, 12 is a method to create your own custom sorting similar to the following.

Now your presets are ready to be imported to a new estimate, work order, or invoice with a few clicks.