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Upon going into Presets for Tasks, Materials, Expenses and Notes, you will notice a section on the left.  It will be empty upon using Presets for any one of these topics for the first time.  Tasks are used for the following examples, but the functionality is identical for Materials, Expenses and Notes.  

All presets will go into the default (Tasks for this example) folder if you do not set up any other folders, which is OK if you run a very simple business.  But you may wish to group tasks.  An example is a remodeling company who wishes to create a lists of tasks that are used for a kitchen remodeling job that are separate from tasks that are used for a bathroom remodeling job. 


You can create a new folder simply by hitting the right mouse button


You will then have a New Folder listed that you can rename by hitting the right mouse button again


An example of having two folders created for different categories follows


Another example is grouping tasks by function as follows

And then making subfolders as follows


You are now ready to add tasks to either the default folder, group folders or subfolders.