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Notes are entered using an "In Line Entry". Entry of a Note is done exactly the same way regardless of what type of record the Note is being added to.

Step by Step

Notes can be added to any type of record. The entry of a note is done exactly the same way regardless of where it is added. For this example we will demonstrate how to enter a notes to an Invoice. We assume an invoice is already created, if not please go to "Create New Invoice" by proceeding.

  1. Open an existing Invoice form Job > Invoice List
  2. Once the invoice is open click on the "Invoice Notes" tab at the far right.
  3. With the Invoice Notes tab open, click the "New Note" button in the action tool bar at the top right.
  4. An "In Line Entry" from will open.
  5. Next, Click in the Notes Description field and enter a note such as "Materials are provided by the customer" or "Don't let the cat out", etc.
  6. You can choose to set a priority of the note. Notes with High priority are sorted at the top of the note list. Likewise low priority notes are sorted to the bottom. Pinning a note will lock it to the top of the list with out sorting it.
  7. You can choose to have this note print on a document by checking the "Print" check box Click "Printing Notes" to learn more.
  8. When finished, click the "Blue Save Disk" icon at the left of this row. Saving will close the in-line entry form.
  9. You can now see the new line item you just created.

Quick Tips

Enter the common notes you use often into "Preset Items > Notes" When you enter them here you only have to enter them once. Then, you can reuse them often without having to type them again by just importing them to your estimate, work order, invoice, etc. with a just few clicks. This is a real time saver.