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Unfortunately there are times where you may bump into a compatibility challenge. We will offer suggestions here when a user experiences a challenge, and when we come up with ways to work around those challenges.


We are not optimized for Tablets at this time.  More information on Tablets here.

Option Does Not Work: Potential Work Around

One such challenge is when a particular menu option does not seem to be accessible using a new device.  One example is from someone who purchased a tablet for which MyOnlineToolbox is not yet optimized for.  The user was able to create a new job and also a new estimate, but they were having a problem activing the  icon.  The user on their own was able to cut & paste the application address from the business application when they ran it in another browser.  They cut & paste it from the browser it was working, then sent it to themselves into an email.  They then copied it to their Favorites and it worked.  In this case it was

Note: This does not always work, but it may for you.


MyOnlineToolbox was designed to be used for the Desktop or Portable Browser, not the Tablet.  However, our users have figured out ways to make our platform work on a tablet.  Find out how by visiting System Requirements.