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In the real world, managing multiple tasks and interruptions can be challenging, but not with MyOnlineToolbox.   

The below illustrates how the MyOnlineToolbox Active Items concurrently manages different activities.

Each process in the Active Items is displayed on the left-hand side in a “sticky-note” format with the bright color highlighting the process currently on the user’s screen.  To move between items, the user simply clicks the desired item in the Active Items work area.  When users return, they are always brought to exactly where they were working previously within the process.  This even works for dropped Internet connections, or when the browser was closed by mistake.

WARNING: While there are currently no physical limitations to the number of open items at this time, MyOnlineToolbox strongly suggests having just a few open items to maintain performance and protect from data entry mistakes and system integrity.  We occasionally have some customers have so many open items that eventually some conflict occurs.  For this reason we have placed a limit of 10 Open Active Items before a warning appears.  You are not stopped from proceeding with more open items, but the warning will continue to appear until you close enough items to fall below the suggested limit of 10 Open Active Items.  THIS SHOULD EVEN BE FURTHER REDUCED BY EACH USER IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE USERS FOR YOUR COMPANY.

Upon logging into the MyOnlineToolbox platform for the first time you will notice a section on the left hand side that looks like the following

Now imagine that you just started to create an estimate.  While entering the basic information such as the customer name, the Active Items will look like the following

The highlighted item represents the active item you are working on.

Then imagine you begin to enter the details of the estimate and the Active Items will look like the following

A customer calls in the middle of your data entry to discuss an invoice you sent them.  You do not have to stop what you are doing.  All you do is go to the invoice and the Active Items will look like the following

You hang up the phone with the customer that you were discussing the invoice with, and then you need to go look up something else such as a report list.   Now you are not working on the estimate and you are not reviewing the invoice so the Active Items will look like the following

You realize you need to get back to finishing the estimate and all you need to do is click on the Job Estimates image and the system brings you back to where you left off

In order to close an open item in the Active Items, all you need to do is select  on the top right hand side of the item itself.

Now you realize that you forgot to close the Invoice you were reviewing and all you need to do is click on the small (x) close icon inside the Active Items.

In summary, you can close open items by selecting Close on the top right hand side of the transaction, or the litte X inside the Active Items.