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There are places throughout the application where you are viewing lists of line items much the same as a standard "To Do" list. It can be a list of materials in an estimate, a list of tasks on a work order, or a list of expenses in an invoice.

When you add or edit a new line item, an in line entry form opens so you can write on the list, similar to the same way you add or edit any list on a hand written note pad.

It's really very simple. When your done adding a new line item or editing an existing one simply click the save icon  or the update icon   on the left side of the line item your working with.

Step by Step

In line entries or editing are the same throughout the application whether you're working in an estimate, invoice, work order or notes. We will demonstrate by making an in line entry in an estimate task; keeping in mind that the functionality is identical for any in line entry form.

1. Place your cursor over "Jobs" on the main menu at the top of your screen and a drop down list will open.

2. Click "Estimate List" and the "Estimate List" is now open.

3. Create a new Job by clicking the button "New Job" on the Action Tool bar on the top right.  

4. The "Job Information" form is now open.

5. Fill out the Job Information Form and click the "Estimate" Tab to the right of the "Job Information Tab"

6. The "Estimate List" for this job is now open.

7. Click the  New Estimate button within the Action Tool Bar and the estimate sub-tabs are now visible and the "Estimate Information" form is opened.

8. Click the "Estimate Tasks" tab to the right of the "Estimate Information" tab.

9. Click "New Task" in the Action Tool Bar the top right.

10. This action will open the "In-line Entry" form.

11. Create your task in this in-line entry form.

12. When finished, click the save icon  to the left of the entry form. Clicking the save icon saves the task to your estimate.

13. You can now see the new line item you just created.


14. To edit this task, click the edit icon   on the left of this row. The in-line entry form will open again.

15. When finished, click the update icon    to the left of this row to save the changes you've made. Updating will close the in-line form.

Quick Tips

New line items are saved. Existing line items are updated.