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The "Action Tool Bar" is presented at the top right of a record each time a record is opened. An example of a record would be an estimate, an invoice, a customer, or supplier, etc. The Action Tool Bar is how you would perform an action on a specific record. For example, if you wanted to add a new customer, or save changes you made in a supplier record, you would click a button for that action on this tool bar. The Action Tool Bar is an intelligent control, meaning it will only display the buttons of the actions that are allowed at that time. As an example, if you did not make any changes to an open record, a Save Button would not be presented because no changes have been made.

Step by Step

1. Place your cursor over "Jobs" on the main manu at the top of your screen and a drop down list will open.

2. Now click "Job list"

3. If you have any existing jobs, simply click on the edit icon   to open one.

4. The Action Tool Bar is now presented in the upper right hand corner, as shown below.

5. If you do not have any existing jobs, the only action to take is to create a new job. 

6. This is done by clicking the "New Job" button within the "Action Tool Bar".

Quick Tips

The Action Tool Bar is a dynamic tool where the buttons presented change depending on the screen you are viewing and the actions that are available within that screen.