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"My Account" is used to set up your company and store your unique company information.  Here is a list of the activities you can perform:

  • Add all the information that will print on estimates and invoice such as  Addresses, A Company Logo, Your License & Insurance documents,Terms and Conditions, etc.
  • Describe your Company Trades or Skills. This will be displayed in the Member Directory where other members can find you and pass you work.
  • Add the employees you will deploy work orders to.
  • Add the users who log in to your company and make entries.
  • Set default term conditions that print on estimates and invoices
  • Set default markup for tasks and materials
  • Update and review your MyOnlineToolbox subscription information
  • Share MyOnlineToolbox with colleagues and see when they sign up and become members.

Step by Step

  1. Place your cursor over "My Account"  on the main menu bar at the top of your screen.
  2. A drop down list will open and all of the options listed above are available.