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This is where you set up your company default values such as terms and conditions, tax rates, required deposits, etc. We recommend setting up your company options when you first start using MyOnlineToolbox. It saves you time by auto filling repetitive job information when you create a new job. If needed, you can overwrite the default information from within the job.

Step by Step

  1. Place your cursor over "My Account" on the main menu navigation bar at the top of your screen.
  2. A drop down list will open.
  3. Now click "Options".
  4. The "Option" form is now open.


Use this section to create your company's unique Terms & Conditions and Warranty.


Expiration Days
Do your estimates expire?  If so, set the number of days that an estimate will expire, if your customer has not approved it.

Deposit Amount
Do you require a deposit amount to be paid, before you start a job?  This field allows you to specify the default amount as a percentage of the job or as a fixed value.


Time Zone
Select the time zone that is applicable to your company's location.

Work day start and end time:  
Specify the earliest time that a job would be scheduled and the latest time that you would end your day.  Once saved, the next time you access your calendar, you will only view the times of the day that you wish to see; however, there is a link on the calendar that will allow you to expand the view.


Delivery Address:
Select one of your company addresses from a drop down window.  The next time you create a Purchase Order, the default address that you selected will default.  You will have the ability to change the address on every PO.

Special Instructions:
Create special instructions that will print on all Purchase Orders.

Do you mark up the materials that you use on a job?  If so, set the percentage that you typically use to mark them up.  When adding materials to a job estimate, purchase order, or invoice, the default markup will be used to calculate what you will be charging your customers.


Service Tax:  
If you charge tax for services, place your states current tax percent within the service tax section.

Material Tax:
If you charge tax for materials, place your states current tax percent within the service tax section.


These options can be used to define how much detail you typically print your company estimates.

These options can be used to define how much detail you typically print your company invoices.