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The "My Profile" section stores each users secure login information and allows the user to modify their own user name, password and security question.

Step by Step

1. Place your cursor over "My Account" on the main menu bar at the top of your screen and a drop down list will open.

2. Click on "Profile" and the user profile form is now open.

3. In the "Login Information" section you can modify the security question and answer  recovering lost or forgotten passwords.

Changing the Security Question:
To change the  "Security Question" or "Answer", simply choose a question from the drop down list titled "Security Question:".  Then type in the answer to the question within the filed titled "Answer:"

Changing your password:

  1. To change the password you must first click the check box "Change Password".
  2. Then enter the new password. You will be asked to retype the password to ensure it's accuracy.
  3. All changes must be saved by clicking the "Save Profile" button in the "Tool Bar" at the top right.
  4. The next time you login, your new password will be required.

User Information

This information is used in estimates, invoices, work orders, messaging and purchase orders so be sure it's correct and change if needed.