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You may need to change the Primary Email Address for the MyOnlineToolbox account.  You need to follow these precise instructions.   


If you are not sure, then send us a Support Ticket since making a mistake can be very difficult and time consuming to correct.  Due to how the system security works, it can be extra time consuming if the email addresses you type have a mistake. 

As mentioned above, the Primary Email Address is the main email address for the company.  The is separate from an individual user who may or may not also use the Primary Email Address.

This is pretty simple, but some users have acted fast so they skip a step and then cause more bigger problems.

Step by Step

  1. You have to first create a new user (with a new Email) before you delete the older user, then change the company email.  Depending on your user limits, you may not have to delete anything.
  2. Create a new user by going to the   tab, then choosing Company Setup then choosing Users. On the far right you will see New User. Use this to create your new sign in information. 
  3. Now ensure you can access the system by Logging In with your new email address.  Reminder that you should have received a MyOnlineToolbox notice to activate the account with the new email address.  If not, check your Spam or Junk folder first.  If there is no Email from MyOnlineToolbox, then go back to the User section as mentioned above and check you entered in the correct Email address to set up. 
  4. After you can successfully log in with your new email account, then go back to the user list as shown above and delete the old account.  Do not continue if you can not log in with the Email account you wish to become the Primary Company Email.
  5. Now go to My Account then Company Setup then General Information and change the Company Email to the new email that you are using for the New User.