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You may add additional users up to the limit of your license agreement. These additional users can log in to MyOnlineToolbox and work concurrently in your company with you. There a two license types. The Premium Subscription provides for up to three (3) concurrent users. The Basic Subscription provides for up to two (2) concurrent users. Additional users may be purchased as needed. Contact us via  for pricing.

Follow the steps below to manage your users.

Step by Step

  1. Select the Users option as shown here by selecting My Account, then the Company Setup and then the sub-option for Users  
  2. You can either select a user to modify information or add a 
  3. You can change your password by selecting the user then checking .  Upon selecting this the screen will expand to show .  Upon making a change, remember to
  4. You must activate a new user by selecting .  You can also easily prevent access to the system by unchecking this box.

Quick Tips

We suggest not adding any new users until you get the majority of the basic company information set up.  Sometimes new users may be in a rush to move forward with your other company setup information.  MyOnlineToolbox doesn't have any specifial permissioning controls to prohibit this, which is why we suggest you adding new users once you are comfortable with your initial setup.