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In the Company Information section, you will store the company information that will print on your estimates, invoices, etc.  Some of the information on this page was added when you signed up (Company name, company email).  

MyOnlineToolbox is also a Contractor-To-Contractor Lead Sharing & Job Sharing network of member companies.  Each member maintains their own company information but can optionally market their information in different directories.  This section will allow you to define who you are and what you can do.   WE SUGGEST YOU DO NOT PASS UP THESE INCLUDED MARKETING FEATURES.

Step by Step

  1. Select the General Information option as shown here by selecting My Account, then the Company Setup and then the sub-option for General Information  
  2. One of the most important options is to ensure that you are visible to the entire community.  There are numerous areas will this can benefit you.  Some areas allow a contractor to search for another contractor to pass work to as a subcontractor.  Other areas allow a contractor to search for other contractors to create a network trades to promote for co-marketing opportunities.  And it all starts by ensuring you are visible to the community as shown here
  3. The next important option is to ensure your company type(s) is selected so that other contractors know the trades you are associated with. Please contact us via  if you wish to have other trades considered to be added to this list as shown here
  4. An optional item is to upload a logo.  That will be used mostly for your estimates and invoices to customers.
  5. Another optional item to to upload an Avatar.  An Avatar is a picture or image that you wish to have associated with the Lead Sharing Networking features of the MyOnlineToolbox platform.  It is important to note that MyOnlineToolbox allows only one Avatar per company.  We do not allow an Avatar per user.  The reason is that for now the purpose of the Lead Sharing Networking is designed to have small business to small business referrals, and we only wish to provide one image per company, similar to having one logo for a company. 

Both of the above logo and Avatar options are found directly under the Directory Visibility option as shown here

When you fill out all the appropriate information, an example of how people will see you in the member directory is shown here.