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MyOnlineToolbox makes it easy for you to upgrade to our Website SEO Marketing Education option, currently offered on a quarterly basis.  

  We offer SEO Marketing Education ONLY ON A QUARTERLY BASIS - so please do not select any other payment options or we will simply just need to Void The Transaction.  We spent a lot of time refining our payment policies, and with SEO, it seems having the auto-renewal set to a quarterly basis ensures that we look at your account at least every ninety days.  This covers things such as 1) I am busy and just had no time to update the site and 2) I simply forgot to follow up, etc.  We have found that when a customer let's SEO slip - for whatever reason - the quarterly renewal is priced just right where they do not feel guilty on the money spent and at the same time the customer becomes motivated to not let much more time pass.  Also, the quarterly renewal pushes MyOnlineToolbox for a proactive communication too.  This was set by many customers over a period of time and works well.

The Service Information is the section that you need to change in order to upgrade or downgrade your account. 

WE ARE ASSUMING YOU ARE ALREADY A FREE (or Basic Paying Subscriber).  If you are not already member, then these instructions will not work for you.

Step by Step

Log In and place your cursor over  on the main menu navigation bar at the top of your screen and select the Billing as shown here 



Now go to the service information by selecting the Edit button as shown here (with most new trial customers having it set to the Basic Free)




Then select Choose a Plan as shown below, and select the Premium Quarterly ($213 - one payment averaged with $71 per month). 



Upon Selecting the plan above, you will then be given a section for your Credit Card information.

Once you are done hit and now you will be upgraded.

We traditionally will send a getting started overview within 48 hours of your upgrade, and traditionally begin to review your website and organize our first communications within 5 business days.

Log out of the system for your changes to take effect.