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MyOnlineToolbox makes it easy for you review, Upgrade and downgrade your account, beginning with the transistion from your Free Trial to a Paid Account.  For your convenience, we show the number of transactions (estimates, invoices and work orders) you have placed through the system.  There is a maximum number (subject to change as shown on our website when you signed up) of Free transactions that you will get before deciding to pay order to continue.  The Service Information is the section that you need to change in order to upgrade or downgrade your account. 

We will send an automatic Payment Received Notice each time a renewal period has passed and we have charged your account for whichever option you select.

Step by Step

  1. Place your cursor over  on the main menu navigation bar at the top of your screen and select the Billing as shown here 
  2. Now change the service information by selecting the Edit button as shown here 
  3. For new users who have been trying MyOnlineToolbox for Free, a window will appear similar to the following  and all you need to do is select to bring up the list of valid Plan choices.
  4. If you are upgrading, the system will display the Service Summary information just to the left when you are selecting the various choices.  For example (with terms and prices subject to change at anytime), make believe you select the the quarterly option then the display would look similar to this and then you can enter your credit card information that displays as follows  and once you are done you then
  5. If you are downgrading, then all you do is follow the same steps but change the plan to one that you wish it to be and then
  6. Log out of the system for your changes to take effect.