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For larger companies who use the Work Orders features (as opposed to using Estimates to manage their jobs), please ensure to read the Special Note at the bottom.


To get started, all you need to do is select the Open Jobs item from the Money Tracking display as shown on the Overview page


Another way to access the same information is to select the option from the Reports tab on the top menu


Upon selecting Open Jobs, the following will appear


NOTE: If you selected the Open Jobs from the Money Tracking Display, there is a chance that the totals on the report as shown below will not be the same as the totals from the Display.  That is because of the default date range that is automatically populated from the system as show above.  Increase the date range to find older jobs (approved estimates) that may inadvertingly not be completed or invoiced.


The data on this report comes from all job estimates that have been entered into the system that been approved and not invoiced.  That is why you will see most job estimates with a status equal to Approved on the right hand side of the report.  


Perhaps you wish to look at your oldest leads, or perhaps you wish to search by the biggest outstanding jobs from a financial perspective, or maybe you have multiple people preparing estimates and you wish to review by Estimator.  The data on this report can be sorted in ascending or descending order for the following fields.


Managing the job is easy.  Just select the Job Estimate and then either Create Invoice or indicate it is Completed. 

Note that when selecting, you can select EITHER a Job or Estimate, with a different result.

By selecting a Job above, you will be brought to the Job Summary screen and then need to go to the Estimates Tab to select the Estimate #3108 as shown below.


By selecting the Estimate #3108 from either the Report as shown two images above, or the above image if you went to the Job Summary first will then bring you to the following in order to change the Status.

Upon selecting an action from above, the job estimate will leave the Open Jobs Report.  Invoicing the estimate will move the information to the Unpaid Collections Report (so long as the balance is not $0).

An example of marking an Estimate as Completed without invoicing it can represent re-work, or perhaps it is an old estimate that was approved and you never did the work (for whatever reason). 



This reporting mechanism is designed for people to as easily manage the process of leads converting into approved estimates, which in turn are used as work orders until they are invoiced.  MyOnlineToolbox has a feature where individual work orders can be created as separate tracking documents from the estimates.  Completing or invoicing an estimate has no impact on the status of these work orders.  In other words, work orders can still remain open even after the estimates are completed or invoiced.  To review work orders, you can go to the Work Order List from the Jobs tab as shown below.