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Special Note: This is a Premium (Paid) Subscription feature.  For more information on the Basic (Free) Version versus Premium (Paid) Subscription features please go here.

MyOnlineToolbox assists contractors in three primary areas of running a contracting business:

  1. Pursuing all leads that can become a job
  2. Efficiently managing the work that has been approved
  3. Getting paid quickly as possible once the job is done

We have designed a method that is more than a dashboard report, it is a complete management tool that allows you to easily see and manage what matters most to being in business, and that is Tracking Your Money.  Upon logging into MyOnlineToolbox, you will see something similar to the following.  Note that real data will appear if you are using the Premium (Paid) Subscription.

Tracking money using MyOnlineToolbox

To get started, all you need to do is select one of the three categories to review and manage your open leads, efficiently track your work that has been approved, or ensure you are collecting your money.

Open Leads:

Open Jobs:

Unpaid Collections: