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Materials are edited using an "In Line Form". Editing a material is done exactly the same way regardless of what type of record the material is being edited in.

Step by Step

For this example we will demonstrate how to edit a material in an Invoice. We assume an invoice and the material have already been created, if not please go to "Create New Invoice" then to Adding New Materials before proceeding.

  1. Open an existing Invoice material from Job > Invoice > Invoice Materials
  2. To open and edit the invoice material, click on the "Yellow Pencil" icon on the left side of the material in the row you want to edit.
  3. The in-line form is now open.
  4. You can now add, change or replace any text in the open in line form.
  5. When finished, click the "Green Check Mark" icon at the left of this row to update this line item with the changes you made. Updating will close the in-line form and the edit is complete.
  6. You can now see the edited line item you just changed.

Quick Tips

Editing any "In Line Form" is identical throughout the MyOnlineToolbox application.