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There may be times when you have forgotten your login password.  This tool provides a secure and safe way for you to reset your password. 

NOTE: We do not send you a password for security reasons.  While the word "recovery" is commonly used, we require you to change the password, which includes you being able to keep what you think was your old password.

NOTE: For first time users, please ensure that you have already activated your account since that is a separate confirmation process than having an invalid or forgotten password.


Go to the MyOnlineToolbox website,

Clicking the Member Log In button on the top right of the home page, will take you to the log in page.


Select the link titled I forgot my password in the below image.


Enter your login (email) and click the button titled ”Continue to Step 2”


The system will tell you if the email is valid with a success message as follows:


You will then get an email similar to the following.  Please wait a few momments due to potential high traffic over the Internet.  Please also check your spam-junk folders to ensure the message is not delivered there since there is a hyperlink included in the communication.


Upon clicking on the Recovery Link, you will be brought to the following screen


Upon answering the above question, click the button titled ”Continue to Step 3” and you will be brought to the following screen

NOTE: you can keep your old password since the system just wants you confirm exactly what you want.  Some users inadvertingly have made mistakes when setting up a password (which is CASE SENSITIVE and CHARACTER SENSITIVE).  Typing mistakes are the most common issue when setting up a password and you will need to repeat the process to correct them.

Upon successful change of your password, you will get the following message