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MyOnlineToolbox is an internet browser based business application. This means the application is not present on your computer. It resides on a secure hosted server made available through the internet similar to online banking or online email accounts. This requires you to login in with an email and a password as the credentials to identify you as a valid account user. Changing the primary email address can be done following these easy steps.  

SPECIAL NOTE For First Time Users.

You must first activate your account before you can log in.  Upon signing up to access MyOnlineToolbox, an activation link is sent to your email.  You must follow the instructions in order to be able to activate your account, and then you will be able to log in as shown below.

Step by Step

Go to the MyOnlineToolbox website,
Clicking the Member Log In button at the top of the home page, will take you to the log in page.   

Enter your email and password on the form and then click the Log In button.

You are now logged in and presented with the MyOnlineToolbox home page.