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Upon first signing up to MyOnlineToolbox, you will need to activate the account or you will not be able to log in. 

Please read this page before contacting us since we cover what normally can go wrong.

YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LOG IN IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG DURING THIS PROCESS.  The majority of the time an activation link was blocked by your email filter.  Please call 954 786 0883 and leave a message with your company name and phone number and simply say "My Activation Link did not make it to my email, and I checked my spam folders".  You can optionally send an email to support [ a t ] myonlintoolbox dot com with the title "Activation Link Not Received" and inside your email please include your company name and email address you signed up with.  We will research and get back to you.  

Note: The support [ a t ] myonlinetoolbox dot com should be spelled the correct way since we designed this to not be picked up by automatic website crawlers.

There are many reasons for the activation process to first take place before you can access your account.  One example is to ensure that the email address you typed in is correct.  Another example is to protect against fraudulent activity where someone tries to set up an account using someone elses business identity.

Upon signing up to create an account, the last step includes the following with you selecting "Sign Me Up"


Immediately a screen will come up that looks like the following. 

The most common errors come from new users who did not follow the few steps mentioned.


An email will come to you that looks like the following


Please go to your spam (or junk) folders if you do not see the email since an image and an attachment link has been sent.  There is a chance that your filters have not received an email from MyOnlineToolbox before and have placed our activation email there.   Usually the email comes within a minute, but sometimes it may take a few minutes during high volume traffic.

You will get the following Warning Message if you try to log in without activating your account


To continue with the activation process, open the email (or in your spam or junk folder as mentioned above) and click on the link as instructed


Once the Activation Link is selected, you will be brought to a webpage that displays the following:


Now you can log in to access your MyOnlineToolbox account.