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DUE TO OVERWHELMING DEMAND, THIS FEATURE WAS RELEASED EARLIER THAN ITS SCHEDULED DATE IN 2012.   Please note the documentation is subject to change at anytime as we obtain more customer feedback.  We believe we are covering as much as you will need to fully use the features.

As an alternative to looking for random leads being generated on websites, lead sharing from other contractors who are already meeting face-to-face with their own clients may result in fewer leads, but higher quality leads.  Isn't that quality what you want?

No other business system also gives you an opportunity to find more leads, and MyOnlineToolbox is the only solution that provides this feature for contractors.  Upon proper usage, your home page will quickly grow to include Activity similar to the following

Your objective is first get people to know you are in business and wish to check you out (the Viewed You section), then you wish to make connections tol create your peer-to-peer lead referral network (the Connections section), and then you want to get potential work (the Leads Received section).

Lead Sharing is where you can send leads to another contractor as well as receive new leads.  However, MyOnlineToolbox goes way beyond just passing information to one another.  We already know you can do that with a phone message or email. 

The platform provides easy to use tools to help contractors market each other's services in a proactive way without giving it much thought.  MyOnlineToolbox is an online business tool and community platform that embeds co-marketing features. 

Co-marketing allows Contractor #1 to stay in contact with all their customers with the option of introducing the services from Contractor #2, #3, #4, and any other people they are closely associated with.   Contractor #1 already has a relationship with a customer and therefore you become a trusted advisor in addition to being viewed as a good craftsperson.   MyOnlineToolbox allows Contractor #1 to obtain an interest from their customer and passes that information to the appropriate person in their network.   Contractors #2, #3 and #4 do the same within their business process and eventually a stronger bond is created.

The MyOnlineToolbox platform is perfect for the smaller craftsperson with a limited marketing and office adminstration budget.  Leads can easily be converted to estimates, and those estimates can easily become work orders and invoices.  And of course you could schedule the work orders, or track outstanding money associated to an invoice. 

MyOnlineToolbox is the only combined lead sharing, co-marketing and business efficiency tool available for small mobile contracting companies.

Step by Step

  1. Expand your network in order to generate as many leads possible via the customer marketing of other contractors.
  2. Create marketing communications to your customers and (optionally) include references to other tradespeople that you can introduce. 
  3. Send leads to contractors connected to your exclusive network.  These leads can be generic and not associated to any particular job you did, or they can be associated to a specific job you did.
  4. Receive leads from contractors connected in your exclusive network.
  5. Respond to other contractors when they ask for you to join their expanding network.
  6. Convert leads to estimates, work orders and invoices.

Quick Tips

Co-marketing takes time to build since it relies on the proactiveness of you and the other people you connect to.  MyOnlineToolbox deployed these same marketing strategies in order to obtain a large amount of its user base.   You have to first proactively search out those who are willing to promote themselves on an ongoing basis.  Perhaps they are a good craftsperson and just do not understand marketing.  That is OK since our platform allows them to get started for Free, so you can invite them to the platform to get comfortable.  Then we all prompt them to build their network.  It is a similar philosophy of how social networking such as FaceBook got started or how business networking such as LinkedIn got started.  The question is, do you start the wave or miss it as it goes by?