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MyOnlineToolbox allows you to send a few different forms of communications to your customers:
  • A generic communication to all customers, or a select group of customers
  • An open estimate communication with the objective to get approvals 
  • A customer service follow-up at the completion of recent jobs.

Special Note: Creating open estimate communications and recent invoice communications is a Premium (Paid) Subscription feature.  For more information on the Basic (Free) Version versus Premium (Paid) Subscription features please go here

All communications allow you to optionally & easily create a co-marketing opportunity to build upon your Lead Sharing network. 

Step by Step

  1. Select the Marketing option from the menu option   
  2. The first option allows you to select the customers you will send the marketing message to as shown here .  Premium Users have an expanded selection option that allows you to select Open Un-Approved Estimates or Recently Invoiced Jobs.   Premium Users should review the Quick Tips below.
  3. You can optionally include a co-marketing communication within your customer communication.  This is a powerful way of establishing creditability.  The trades that appear are from only those contractors you are connected to.  You do not provide the company names of those contractors, just the trades.  Your objective is to establish a larger concern to help your customer, have your customer want to communicate with you for additional needs, and then you help an associate with a great lead opportunity.  All of this occurs with just one touch of a button as shown here .  You can delete specific service items to be included to the customer.  Whatever you click will be entered or removed from the communication.  
  4. The communications content is populated with a little default information that you can change such as the following.  REMEMBER TO NOT OVERWRITE THE Dear %%CustomerName%%, since that gets the information from the database.  But if you prefer, you could change it to something like Dear Valued Customer.   or
  5. When you are done all you do is hit  and you can also cancel the communication once it has initiated by clicking on .   There is no preview feature at this time.  There is no further selection features at this time.  Our goal was to get the easiest cost effective co-marketing tool into the market then refine the process over a period of time.  A progress bar will show     in order to demonstrate that the communication is going through.     

SPECIAL NOTE:  For now, we are not including email delivery tracking so it is important that the email addresses are valid.  Unlike how we assist with failed Estimate and Invoicing communications, we are not doing so here.  MyOnlineToolbox may do so at its own discretion but this feature should be considered more of an economic way to send a general marketing communication through the mail, but creating it in seconds, saving a lot of time to send it, and saving the cost of a stamp per communication.  Like general mail, you cannot force the consumer to read it.  Other areas of our objectives are intentionally omitted for competitive reasons.

Quick Tips

Premium Users should first be tracking the status of Open Un-Approved Estimates since some customers may get a communication that was not really intended for them.  Perhaps you may wish to be selective with the date range in order to not include estimates that you simply did not have time to close.

Premium Users should note that the Recently Invoiced Jobs is not to focus on Open Balances for Unpaid Invoices.   The focus is a communication for you to inquire about how the job was done, and to also ask if you can refer other services.