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Remember, the Job is the central point of information, even if it is just a lead that may or may not become a job.   The reason is we need a seamless way to transition from a Lead, to one or more estimates, work orders and change orders, purchase orders, invoices and collections.

MyOnlineToolbox even has a way for someone to start with a (pending) Job when there is very limited information such as just a name and phone number being left on your phone mailbox.

Creating a new job is easy and there are two ways to do this.

You can create a Job off the main menu on the top as shown here


Or you can go to the Job List as shown here then select New Job


Remember to  if you are going to enter a limited amount of information to then follow up later. 

Additional steps:

  1. Once the Job Information Form is open, enter a job name in the first field that best represents the job you will perform. As your job list grows, the job name helps to differentiate between the jobs in the list, especially if your doing more than one job for the same customer.
  2. The job description field is an open field  to use in anyway that makes sense to you. Service companies use this field to record the customers request or complaint. Contractors have used this field to enter the job permit number. It's up to you. This field is not a required entry.
  3. If you only have a phone number and a name for perhaps a lead with no other information, then we suggest you typing Need Address in the Address field and Not Validate it (since MyOnlineToolbox is currently trying to help its customers with as much data integrity as possible).
  4. The priority drop down box allows you to group your jobs by a priority level. This field is not a required entry.
  5. The customer information area requires a customer to be selected or added. You must click the "Select/Add Customer" button to add a customer to this job. This is a required field.
  6. When you click the "Select/Add Customer" button a "customer select" box will open. If the customer intended for this job already exists in your company, they will be visible in the list inside this "customer select" box.  You can  search for the customer using the customer search tool at the top of the box. We recommend searching for existing customers to help prevent creating a duplicate customer record.
  7. If the intended customer does not exist you can add this new customer now by clicking "New Customer" at the top of the "customer select" box. 
  8. Now you can add the customer phone and email information if needed.   Customer email  is required to send estimates and invoice via email.
  9. In the terms and conditions section, check that these are the terms and conditions you want to use for this job. You may edit the terms and conditions here.
  10. Last you must save this job by clicking the "Save Job" button at the Action Tool bar on the top right. If you missed anything the system will alert you of the error with instructions in reed lettering next to the field with the error.