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Once an invoice is created, you can manually enter a small set of information produced by MyOnlineToolbox into the QuickBooks Accounting System in order to keep them in sync.  We have found that most accountants are focused on the receipt of money and not really interested in all the estimates, work orders and other daily functions that are before the actual money comes in.  So this answer allows an accountant to use QuickBooks for the G/L side of a contracting business while MyOnlineToolbox helps the contractor with all aspects of the business up to the receipt of money.

Note: It is our intention to eventually interface our platform to QuickBooks (and other accounting systems), but currently our user community has not had enough interest for us to proceed with offering the feature.  We traditionally document your request then measure it against the number of contractors who continue with MyOnlineToolbox for the other benefits.  Perhaps that may be you too after test driving the platform and seeing how easy and cost effective all other aspects work excluding the interface.

The majority of our user community requested we stay focused on the front end of a contracting business from lead generation, estimating, work orders, invoicing and collections.  For example, we previously released a contractor-to-contractor lead sharing feature and have also been busy with our education service helping contractors generate leads to their own Do It Yourself Contractor Website.   

So while an accounting interface is a nice to have feature, in todays challenging economic environment more of our users seem concerned about the effort to generate more work and then manually enter the limited information required once an invoice is created.  Here is how they get by without an automatic interface.

Step by Step 

  1. Create an invoice in MyOnlineToolbox. 
  2. Go into the QuickBooks Accounting System and enter the Customer, Invoice # generated by MyOnlineToolbox, the date and amount so both systems have the same information.
  3. Upon payments being received, first enter the information into your QuickBooks system then use the deposit slip to enter the payment into MyOnlineToolbox.