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You can create an invoice directly from the estimate itself.  The instructions for one method can be found here.

Or you can create an invoice while inside the job.  An invoice can be created using the information from an existing estimate or just using any manual information. 

Note: a job must be created in order to create an invoice.

Step by Step 

  1. Select the Invoicing tab on the far right of the Job screen.  
  2. You can now either create a manual invoice or use an extisting estimate to create the invoice.  
  3. If you select New Invoice from Estimate, the system will automatically bring up the estimate(s) that you can select to create an invoice for.
  4. Upon selecting the Create Invoice, a confirmation message will appear and you should say OK to continue.  
  5. If you wish to make changes, then you will need to open the invoice and change or delete tasks, materials or expenses.
  6. Now you can save the entire invoice by selecting the the button
  7. Upon saving an invoice, a confirmation is displayed  
  8. Selecting a manual invoice is pretty easy to follow since it is the same exact steps as adding items to an estimate.  Just add tasks, materials and expenses and save the invoice.