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Getting started is very easy. You could actually start using the application now just by clicking around and learning as you go. However, there are some things you could do that will make the system work better for you as soon as possible.  We are providing these instructions with the presumption you have already done something online before.

Keep in mind that MyOnlineToolbox is both a product and a service.  The product allows you to track leads, convert them to estimates, create work orders with a schedule, then invoice and collection your money.  Our service helps you generate more leads to your own contractor website.

For email filters, please add the following to your address book to ensure our emails reach your inbox.

  • to cover newsletter oriented materials and
  • to cover support oriented communications (ServusXchange, LLC is the company behind MyOnlineToolbox)
  • postmaster@ded1478.maximumasp.local (in the event you send an email to someone and it is rejected for a typo mistake, or possibly the email account is not valid, etc., and you wish to get the alert from our servers)

Step by Step

  1. Make sure the most important company information is started including that you are visible to the entire MyOnlineToolbox community for Lead Sharing Opportunities. You can optionally load a company logo and company Avatar at anytime.  Learn how here
  2. Check that your User Name is spelled correctly.  Change your password if you received an invite with a password you do not like. Learn how here.
  3. Get ready to create your first Estimate or Invoice by adding a new customer.   You can also create new customers within an estimate or invoice, but new users may just be comfortable trying this one step first.  Learn how here.
  4. Create your first simple estimate.  You can learn how to get started here.
  5. Expand your network for Lead Sharing Networking.  MyOnlineToolbox has powerful features where contractors of other trades in your network can help you get more work, and where you can also help them get more work.  It is called co-marketing and you can Learn Here How to get more jobs.
  6. If you will be ready to use Work Orders then ensure to set up your employees.  If your focus is Estimates and Invoices then skip this step.  Learn how here.

We are assuming you have already logged in, but if not and you are just reviewing our documentation, then review this to understand What Do I See First.

Quick Tips

If at any time you need help, simply click on   at the top in main manu navigation bar. It's always visible.

You should also bookmark the secure and unsecure pages, saving time and making it easier during system maintenance issues that may prevent access via the unsecure pages.