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You will see a simple yet comprehensive Home Page upon logging into MyOnlineToolbox for the first time.  It will look similar to the following. 

Scroll past the picture for an explanation of various sections that you will be interested in learning about.

Activity: The activity section is where you see how many people other MyOnlineToolbox members have viewed your profile, how many connections you have, and how many leads have been received from your connections.

Refer A Friend: An easy method to invite other contractors to join the community.  Upon them joining, you can then connect to them for lead sharing and job sharing.

Contractors You May Know: Initially this section is empty, but it will begin to grow as you reach out and add other contractors to your Contractor List.  This is a power form of business-to-business networking.

Money Tracking: A Premium feature to have more graphical representations for the money associated to outstanding estimates, open jobs and unpaid invoices.

Active Items:  Initially empty.  This area consists of those items that you have started and have not yet closed even when you start other activities, or have to quickly log off the system.  The advertisements only display on the Free Version and then they are removed when you upgrade to the Paid Versions.

Alerts: A sections for events such as Read Me 1st and Connection invitations.

We are assuming you have already logged in, but if not and you are just reviewing our documentation, then review this to understand What Should I Do First.