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MyOnlineToolbox suggests you bookmark both the general web page and secure login page.

There are two ways to login.

  1. One method is to go to the general webpage of and select the .  All this does is redirect you to the secure login page that follows.
  2. Another method is to go directly to the secure login page which can be found at

MyOnlineToolbox is a combination of unsecure and secure websites.  The portion of the website is the unsecure public area where we inform everyone about MyOnlineToolbox products, pricing, news, etc.  The https website address is that actual application itself that requires a secure login process.

Sometimes we do maintenance on just one of the sites such as and sometimes we do maintenance on the actual application located at the https address.  And sometimes we perform maintenance on both sites.  Once in awhile an automatic system update could prevent access to the site until we perform a follow up maintenance routine.

There have been random times where users believe they cannot access the application while maintenance is being performed on the public website.  All you need to do to bypass this problem (while to public site is not accessible) is to simply go directly to the secure login page.  One method to save the above secure and unsecure website addresses is called bookmarking, also called favorites or shortcuts.

Internet Explorer for example uses  near the browser tabs in order to bookmark an internet address.

So just bookmark the two main web pages to speed up normal access to our sites, or to make it easier for you to recall the secure website address in the event of unforeseen circumstances preventing you from accessing the unsecure location to get to the secure location.