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Sometimes you may see that data entry fields are simply too small, or that the text is simply way too large when you are typing information.  We tend to hear this when people are working on tasks and materials within Estimates and Invoices.  Sometimes they cannot see the words because the font is so small, or that each character is way too large when typing.

The first variable we always first eliminate is the screen resolution that allows you to adjust the width and height.  The MyOnlineToolbox business application has many features along with various options that all need to be displayed.   Many times a computer may need to have its default settings slightly increased in order for the entire MyOnlineToolbox application viewable. Learn more here.

The next most common issue is when someone working on your computer (or another new application) changed the changed the View on the browsers.  The two View changes that affect these fields are

  • the Zoom size
  • the Text size 

Using Internet Explorer as the picture reference, you would need to go to the icon usually on the top right hand side that looks like the following



By selecting "Page", you will then get Zoom option and a Text Size Option.

Alter these to 100% for Zoom and also adjust the Text size (small or larger depending on the issue) to adjust the fields.

The above may require slight instruction alterations depending on the Operating System and its version, but it gives you a good understanding of what needs to be accomplished.  

For example, one method to change the Zoom is to see a picture similar to  and another possible way is to set by selecting the image similar to