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MyOnlineToolbox is designed as a mutli-user application that can have numerous open items at any one time.

However, there are some topics that should be addressed since there have been times where issues have occurred.  Some of these issues have been addressed and many others will not be addressed.

The three main restrictions and warnings are:

  1. Multi Tasking is designed to take place within only one browser window.
  2. Multi Tasking is designed to take place within only one browser tab.
  3. Multi Tasking has a suggested limitation for the number of open active items.

From a visual perspective, there should only be one browser log in that looks like the following:

The CORRECT browser session accessing MyOnlineToolbox will look like the following


Our system is designed to allow users to access multiple tasks but some users open extra browser sessions in one of two incorrect methods that will create data integrity issues.

The FIRST INCORRECT method that will create data integrity issues is when someone logs into the system twice by opening another browser tab.  In the above reference, this would happen if the user selects the Open A New Tab to open a new tab to log in again.  The resulting screen may look like the following if someone is switching back and forth between a New Address in one job and a New Estimate in another.

Incorrect Multiple Browser Tabs


The SECOND INCORRECT method that will create data integrity issues is when someone opens multiple browsers session in a new window.  The above example shows two MyOnlineToolbox sessions in one window with multiple tabs.  The below example shows how the screen may look if the same user was trying the same sequence but just in multiple browser windows.

Multiple browsers opened using MyOnlineToolbox incorrectly


MyOnlineToolbox has not accounted for all the variables that can occur when multiple browser sessions are opened.  Saving and Deleting can have impacts on all the other open items and associated data when the platform is used incorrectly, especially when there are multiple users that all can have multiple open items.  Therefore we suggest users simply have one browser sessions with a reasonable number of open items as suggested.