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The screen resolution allows you to adjust the width and height.  The MyOnlineToolbox business application has many features along with various options that all need to be displayed.   Many times a computer may need to have its default settings slightly increased in order for the entire MyOnlineToolbox application viewable. Learn more here.

But even after increasing the screen resolution, you can get more visual space by turning off the various Tool Bars, Menu Bars and Status Bars.

It is easy to do, and you can turn them on and off to see what looks best for you.

The following example is based on a Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) platform.

Put your mouse in the general area as shown below and then hit the right button


Then click on either the Menu Bar or Status Bar then repeat this again for the other.

Notice the line with the "File Edit View Favorites Tools Help" will disappear when you remove the Menu Bar and then notice one of the bottom sections disappear when you click on Status Bar.


Then you may even do the same with placing your mouse towards the bottom section as shown below.


The above may require slight instruction alterations depending on the Operating System and its version, but it gives you a good understanding of what needs to be accomplished.  Search for "Menu Bar Remove" on your computer if you need specific guidance since this is just a general guideline.