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To successfully connect to your company in MyOnlineToolbox, your computer system must meet the following minimum requirements:

Browsers, Screen Resolutions and Devices

  • Compatible Browsers: Microsoft IE 8 & up (but IE7 still works in most cases), IE 9 may require the one time work around as mentioned below; Firefox 3.5 and up, Safari 4 and up 
  • Desktops and Portable Laptops: Yes
  • Tablets: Sometimes but we are not optimized for these devices.  Many functions will work and some may not.  We plan on optimizing for these devices when more contractors use them, but for now the majority have portable laptops.  Do not purchase any device without going through all the MyOnlineToolbox functionality you wish to use since we make no representations that we can function on a Tablet.  Please read below for more suggestions.  We request our customers pass us anything else they may find that allows MyOnlineToolbox to work for them when a simple work around is found. 
  • Minimum acceptable Screen Resolution of 1280 X 768 but it is recommended to have your Screen Resolution set to no less than 1280 x 1024.  The key issue is the 1280.  There are too many variables with Menu Bars, Status Bars and Tool Bars that take up extra space.  The 1280 x 1024 resolution addresses 99% of the start up inquiries that we get.  These Bars are different options that your browser allows you to have on your screen, and many times people are not even aware of them being turn on.  Learn how to change your screen resolution here
  • Even with a 1280 x 1024 resolution, you may have a cluttered screen and wish to turn off a Menu Bar, Status Bar or Tool Bar.  Learn how to turn off these Bars here.
  • Internet connection (High Speed Recommended)

Making IE 9 Work

We did find a way to make IE9 work, and that is to select the Compatibility View icon that looks similar to the following on the right of the web address area

While we are not officially supporting IE9 in its native state, we want to make you aware that some users have indicated that IE9 seems to be working fine when the compatibility view icon is used.   And if this does not work, we will still simply guide you to use another device with IE 8 (or IE 7) or install another compatible browser.    

Another option IE has is to add the MyOnlineToolbox domain to the Compatibility View Settings. 

Go to Tools then Select Compatibility View Settings

Enter in the Add This Website field then click Add

          IE Browser Compatibility View Settings 

Making iPad Work

We have some challenges with Safari for iPad and have not optimized for it.  One customer has provided the following.  If you are looking at the home screen after log in, the toolbar area where it says "Home" or anything else in the bar doesn't function when pushed.  For example, if I hit support and go to hit Send Support Ticket it doesn't work.   Good news is I think we just found the answer.  Use Google Chrome and on the top right menu button of Google Chrome you can select "Request Desktop Site".  After that All issues seem to resolve themselves.

Another customer indicated there is an un-official FireFox browser for the iPad.  Someone I know tested it quickly and said it seemed to do the trick for the iPad.  Learn more at this webpage


Making IE on Windows 8 Work for MyOnlineToolbox

Windows 8 comes with two web browsers. Adding to the confusion, each bears the name Internet Explorer.  They share your browsing history, cookies, saved passwords, and temporary files. Deleting those items from one browser also deletes them from the other.


The browsers differ in various ways – including the one from the Start Screen not being to fully work with MyOnlineToolbox (as of now).   The Start screen’s browser shows sites only in full-screen view; you can’t place two sites side by side to compare them. It also won’t let you save a Home screen; instead, the browser always opens to the last site you visited.


In order to access the Desktop Version of Internet Explorer, right-click a blank portion of the currently viewed website.  On a tablet, swipe your finger inward from the top or bottom.  When the app’s menu rises up from the screen’s bottom edge, click the wrench icon and choose View in Desktop.   Or if the wrench is already visible to the right of a website address, you just need to click it and select View On The Desktop as shown below.


Windows 8 View Desktop for IE to work with MyOnlineToolbox