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A Support button is present at all times in the main menu navigation bar at the top of the application.  Use this when you have questions or simply need some assistance.

NOTE: If for some reason this link can not be accessed, then simply cut & paste the following into your browser (only if you are logged into MyOnlineToolbox).


It really helps us when you use this feature since many things such as your browser version and screen resolution are automatically captured and sent to us similar to the following:

Step by Step

  1. Click on the Support tab on the main gray navigation bar at the top of your screen. The support form is now open.
  2. You will see your contact information is already entered for you. You can add to or edit this contact information now.
  3. Next, type your question or concern in the Support Message/Question box and click the 'Send Support Form' button in the tool bar at the top right.
  4. Our support team will receive and respond to support messages on a first come, first served basis during our business hours of Monday through Friday.  Many times we will reply after hours, especially if your inquiry was as thorough as possible.  We may respond on a different basis if we deem an issue to take precedence over other issues submitted to us.      

Quick Tips

On this from, we also provide a way for you to share a file with us. This file can be anything such as a screen shot that helps to communicate your message better.