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Security is a priority for the safety and security of the MyOnlineToolbox subscribing members and equally for the MyOnlineToolbox network platform.


MyOnlineToolbox is a practicing secure site governed by the same third party security certificate services employed by the banking industry. We continuously deploy the latest security technologies to protect the integrity of your data and our flawless reputation.  When you login to MyOnlineToolbox, you should notice a security lock on the browser address line  and that we display our security certificate information as shown below.

Access Permissions

A valid Member is the only entity that can grant access to their company account by assigning users a login name and password. To protect its members, MyOnlineToolbox and its employees or affiliates do not have access to any member account login name or password. MyOnlineToolbox provides an unmanned fully automated login credential recovery system in the event these credentials are lost or forgotten. Only a valid Member who has successfully logged in can add, edit or delete login credentials.

Data Sharing

The sharing of sensitive job related information is a conscious and deliberate action made by a valid member knowingly passing the information to their customer, employee, subcontractor or other member or customer. At no time is any sensitive job related information collected or shared with any party without the knowledge of the member clearly executing that action.  Any advertising you or someone else may see is based off of generic information within the profile of the contractor or keywords within the data.


You can transact business in MyOnlineToolbox with the same clear confidence demonstrated while using online banking services or swiping a credit card at a merchant terminal.