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MyOnlineToolbox users can email many forms of documents including Estimates, Invoices and Work Orders.

Sometimes a customer or vendor may reply, and by mistake it comes back to MyOnlineToolbox.

Here is a review of how this happens and what you can do to try to not have it happen again.


When an email is sent from the MyOnlineToolbox system, there are three items that go along with it from a technical perspective.

1) From  (informational)

2) ReplyTo (where a reply should go to in response to an email)

3) Sender (who really sent the email, different from the From since that can be manipulated).


The first line in an email will usually look like the following: on behalf of MyName using MyOnlineToolbox. []


The above is done this way since you are using our system to send an email on behalf of yourself, with the intent of telling people exactly how to reach you.

But in order to avoid spamming filters, we show the "".

Sometimes people are swiping the sales@myonlinetoolbox without realizing it, or sometimes a device is picking that up as the ReplyTo when it shouldn't be that way.

Then the customer hits the enter key and now the address is part of an auto-fill when trying to send an email back to you.

Best thing to do is just explain it was a technical glitch and have the customer replace the email address that may not be associated with your name for future emails and replies.